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Visiting Rules

Dear visitors!

Thank you for visiting our exhibition complex and we remind you that when visiting the UZEXPOCENTRE Exhibition Complex (hereinafter referred to as NEC), you must comply with these Rules, which are established in order to ensure your safe and comfortable stay on the territory of NEC.

Rules for visiting exhibitions and non-exhibition events held on the territory of JSC NEC "UZEXPOCENTRE"

1. Entrance to the territory of Uzexpocentre is carried out through checkpoints.

2. Upon entering the territory of the Uzexpocentre, visitors must undergo special control and personal inspection, which includes inspection of hand luggage and personal belongings.

3. At the entrances to the exhibition pavilions, there are "Fire Escape Plans", which must be read in case of an emergency.

4. In the event of an emergency on the territory of Uzexpocenter, visitors are obliged to unquestioningly comply with the requirements of the Uzexpocenter security service and law enforcement agencies.

5. If any items left or suspicious items are found on the territory of the Uzexpocentre, the visitor is obliged to immediately inform the security officer of the Uzexpocentre about this.

6. Visiting the exhibition by children under 14 is possible only if they are accompanied by adults.

7. The organizer reserves the right to use photo and video materials taken by him at the exhibition, including photos and videos with the participation of visitors, for the promotion of the exhibition.

8. Items that are not allowed to enter the exhibition are handed over to the storage room.

9. Outerwear and other items are handed over to the cloakroom. (In case the organizer of the event has applied for the construction of a dressing room in advance)

Prohibited on the territory of JSC NEC "Uzexpocentre"

- On the territory of the exhibition, visitors are not allowed to trade, distribute any advertising and information products, hold presentations, demonstrations, campaigns and any other promotional events and actions without the written consent of the Organizer.

- Entrance to the exhibition is not allowed: with weapons and other objects dangerous to life and health of people; in outerwear; with suitcases, briefcases, case attaches, sports and shopping bags (except for ladies' handbags), gas sprayers, as well as with other things or objects, the use of which can harm the safety of people and the event.

- Carry and consume alcoholic beverages, narcotic and psychotropic substances, be in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication;

- Enter the territory of Uzexpocentre with animals;

- Enter the territory and premises that are closed to the public, use service, technological entrances and driveways;

- cross the carriageway of the inner territory, marked with solid stripes, outside pedestrian crossings, and also move along the carriageway;

- Move around the territory of the Uzexpocentre on bicycles, scooters, roller skates, segways and other similar vehicles and sports facilities;

- Perform actions that could become a source of threat to the property of the complex, life or health of people located on the territory of the Uzexpocentre;

- Organize and conduct unauthorized rallies, demonstrations, marches, picketing, as well as other uncoordinated promotions and flash mobs on the territory of the Uzexpocentre;

- Apply inscriptions, stick up and distribute printed materials, posters, flyers and other products of informational or advertising content, conduct propaganda activities;

- It is forbidden to be on the territory of the exhibition in a condition and in a form that does not correspond to the business nature of the Exhibition and generally accepted moral standards;

- Leave children unattended;

- Smoking in buildings and in the open area, except for specially designated places on the territory of the complex;

- Interfere with the performance of official duties by employees of the Uzexpocentre and the security service, do not fulfill their requirements for compliance with these Rules, maintaining public order and ensuring access and intra-object control;

10. Visitors may not be allowed to enter the territory of Uzexpocentre, or be escorted out of it without reimbursement of costs in the following cases:

- If you refuse to undergo a personal inspection, present your hand luggage and personal belongings for inspection;

- In case of being in a state of alcoholic, narcotic or toxic intoxication;

- When trying to enter the territory of the Uzexpocentre with items prohibited from being carried;

- When committing acts that violate public order;

If necessary, violators can be handed over to law enforcement officers.

11. On the territory of the Uzexpocentre, visitors have the opportunity to:

- If necessary, seek emergency medical attention;

- Receive information about events held at Uzexpocentre;

- Inform the employees of Uzexpocentre about the shortcomings in the organization of the event.

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