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Plasma Advertising

Advertising on plasma panels

Advertising on plasma panels is a relatively "young" and rapidly developing area of ​​integrated promotion. Its main feature is the interactive broadcast of advertising information through videos, slide shows, etc. Multimedia advertising is rightfully considered the most informative PR tool that allows you to implement any advertising concept in an ideal form for the perception of potential buyers. "Uzexpocentre" provides an opportunity to place advertising on plasma panels for partners and participants of exhibition events.

Advertising on plasma panels belongs to the category of indoor (internal) advertising, which is focused mainly on indoor areas. According to statistics, the vast majority of visitors make a decision in favor of goods and services of a particular brand directly on the territory of the exhibition center - internal advertising focuses the attention of the target audience on the desired product, promotions, etc. Advertising on plasma panels also provides the following advantages:

High consumer activity of the audience. Videos intensify sales with action-packed information about product benefits, promotions, and more.

Positive perception. A high-tech approach allows you to make advertising bright and dynamic, which is positively perceived by the audience. The use of plasma panels also makes the event more prestigious in terms of equipment and budget.

Additional impact on the target audience. Plasma panels allow you to virtually expand the boundaries of the territory allotted to you at the exhibition.

The ability to focus the attention of the audience. You have the opportunity to maximize the attention of visitors to your participation in the ongoing exhibition.

Exhibitors can not only brightly and colorfully show advertising information about their products or services on video screens, but also inform visitors about the location of their stand or the event of the business program of the exhibition. When ordering advertising on plasma panels at the Uzexpocentre NEC, the advertiser can choose any point of display and any of the proposed options for repeating the video.

We are always happy to help you in choosing the best places, possible modes and broadcast times!

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