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Outdoor Advertising

Outdoor (external) advertising is graphic, text or other information of an advertising nature, which is placed on special temporary and / or stationary structures, as well as on the external surfaces of buildings and elements of street equipment in places where traffic of potential customers and / or visitors passes. The national exhibition company "Uzexpocentre" offers a wide range of outdoor advertising services within the exhibition center and the surrounding area. Including:

    Preparing flagpoles and hanging flags
    Placement of billboards
    Banner advertising
    Placement of advertising structures, paraphernalia and other items

Outdoor (external) advertising belongs to the category of LP-advertising (Landing Page) - an advertising tool, the purpose of which is to maximize the amount of attention of potential customers and / or visitors, through one advertising unit (banner, poster, etc.). A characteristic feature of LP advertising is the creation of a high level of "catchy" information content within a limited advertising space, which is not possible for every PR team. NEC "Uzexpocentre" also provides services of highly qualified specialists in the field of advertising services, among which are:

    Content Managers
    Printing specialists

NEC "Uzexpocentre" also has equipment for the production of advertising media, which allows you to create any advertising concept "from scratch", within the framework of our organization only. Thus, you have the opportunity to consistently implement all the stages of creating outdoor advertising, up to the final result. To install ready-made advertising media, a team of professional installers is involved, which will qualitatively place your advertisement on external and internal structures of any complexity.

Our professionalism is the key to the success of your advertising campaign!

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